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03.apr.2010 kl.04:54 i Blogg//Én kommentar
Been in the studio with Travis "Tronik" Huff and Mike Daly today writing a new song.. It was sooo good to see them again!! I love being back here. The weather was nice, so we were sitting outside in the sun bouncing ideas off one another. Good company, sun, music, what more can you ask for?

@Lunchbreak with the 2 hitmakers. Looks like they have a secret they don't wanna tell me...

Travis making the beat rockin'!

Mike is transferring the idea out of my ear and into his guitar...

The team behind "Trying you on"

03.apr.2010 kl.04:54 i Blogg//Én kommentar//Tips en venn//Permalenke

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03.apr.2010 kl.17:19

You are so lucky lucky lucky!

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