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Easter Jam

05.apr.2010 kl.21:07 i Blogg// 2 kommentarer
Went to my friend's Easter party last night. Its a great group of great musicians, and they were having karaoke/ jam session in the living room, with lights and PA and everything! As soon as I walked in they handed me the microphone and told me to sing a song. Ended up jamming the whole night, had soooo much fun, but woke up with a hoarse throat. The plan was to record a new song today, but I think Im gonna have to rest my voice and just work on the track instead... :( Gotta pay for the good times! Travis is not gonna be happy with me now... :S
Here are some pics from last night...
How fun is it to walk into a living room performance..
Tiff is rocking the mic!
PPaul Blazek is drummin' away

Im taking this very serious.. haha

My old drummer Adrian Ost and Christie
Tiff looks and sounds like an 80's rockstar!

Designer Max Noce is very serious...
05.apr.2010 kl.21:07 i Blogg// 2 kommentarer//Tips en venn//Permalenke

2 kommentarer


11.apr.2010 kl.05:14

hey i made it into a few pictures haha. good times!


11.apr.2010 kl.08:24

jordan:yey!! You were rocking it! :)

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