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Last nights fun

10.apr.2010 kl.11:14 i Blogg// 3 kommentarer
Last night I hung out with my Swedish friend Jennifer and her buddy Emilia. Went to a birthdayparty in Silverlake.

Had a blast there, tons of funky musicians. The bar we went to was called 4100, and they had this big super cool Buddah that was up at a table. I just loved it...

And I really really wanted to sit on his lap..

So I climbed up, but after a while the bartender whisled loud at me, cause obviously you were not suposed to.... so I had to jump down...

Me and Jennifer

2 hot swedish babes

When we got tired of Silverlake, we went back to Hollywood, to one of my favorite hangs, Bardot.
Every Thursday they have a band that plays with guest singers. Macy Gray usually performes a couple of songs, but she wasn't there last night, but the people that were guests there last night are some of the greatest singers I've ever seen.

One that really blew me away was a girl called L.P. When she sang "Totall Eclippse of the heart" I had goosebumps all over my body! Her voice is unreal!
Check her out here
Listen to the song called "Cling to me". She hits a high G in it!! Unbelieveable!! Went straight to itunes and bought some of her music!

L.P and Maya were rocking Bardot

You can check out Jennifer and Emilia's blogs while I go to sleep.. :)

Good night!
10.apr.2010 kl.11:14 i Blogg// 3 kommentarer//Tips en venn//Permalenke

3 kommentarer


10.apr.2010 kl.11:38

S ut som en utrolig kul kveld og et kult sted;)


10.apr.2010 kl.18:33

Woop woop! :D:D


10.apr.2010 kl.23:25

TRIPPEL 9: Det var det ;)

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