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11.apr.2010 kl.09:25 i Blogg// 2 kommentarer
Last year I modeled for my friend Marie Kristiansen's art project. She is an amazing artist, with a political, beautiful kind of creepy, weird style. For these pictures, which are gonna be featured inside a table, I as gonna be a white, dead bride. They painted me white, with red lips and big faux white eyelashes under one eye. I looked freaky!

Here are some photos... Check out Marie's website here

11.apr.2010 kl.09:25 i Blogg// 2 kommentarer//Tips en venn//Permalenke

2 kommentarer


11.apr.2010 kl.10:16

Cool !! ;)


11.apr.2010 kl.14:49

Det var noen kjempe stilige bilder :)

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