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Palm Springsbreak

13.apr.2010 kl.22:24 i Blogg//Én kommentar
Drove out to Palm Springs to see my dear friend, the "Perfume King" Geir Ness. He has a house there, and happened to be in town now. i needed a break from work, so I took a little trip out to spend a couple of days there!


M&Ms, nuts and white whine... PERFECT



Geir looks smashing, and he's gonna whip my ass at the gym tomorrow! Im looking forward to it, but Im not.. :S
His perfume Laila is a great success. It smells AMAZING!! I love it!! ;)
Check out the website here

13.apr.2010 kl.22:24 i Blogg//Én kommentar//Tips en venn//Permalenke

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15.apr.2010 kl.22:36

Digger jacuzzi!

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