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Girls night out

17.apr.2010 kl.09:53 i Blogg// 2 kommentarer
What a night! First time in a really long time I have a whole night for just FUN! Started off with a concert at the Troubadour with my friend Jasons's band Kingsize
Then we headed off to dinner at Jones.

Then we went to the opening of a new place called La vida, where we ran into Kevin from the Backstreet boys. I was such a big BSB fan when I was 13-14, and I actually interviewed and sang with them when I was 14 for Norwegian TV...

Stayed there for a while, played some rock, scissors, paper. My favorite game when Im out. I lost almost everytime and had to do tons of stupid shit. Dance weird in front of a random guy for 30 long seconds, walk up to another guy with fluffy hair and pull my fingers through his hair while he was hitting up this other chick... Not very popular. He slapped my hands away before I even got to touch his hair... Said he hated it when people touched his hair. I guess I wasn't the first to do it?! haha.. what a night! After shaking up La Vida for a while, we headed over to Bardot...

Emilia and Jennifer dancing in the streets...

Met some super cool dudes with funky animal hoods that we had to rock...

My favorite bartender in LA, Mike, was working and made the night even better!

So these crazy guys started a company called Spirit Hoods and they make these amazing hoods. I fell in love...
So I had to go by their showroom and buy one the next day...
And now Im the proud owner of the brown bear...or... I AM the brown bear!
Check out more pics from the crazy night on Jennifers blog...
17.apr.2010 kl.09:53 i Blogg// 2 kommentarer//Tips en venn//Permalenke

2 kommentarer


17.apr.2010 kl.22:47

S mange fine bilder! Ser ut som du koser deg masse :)


18.apr.2010 kl.19:49

For en kveld :P

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