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19.apr.2010 kl.07:03 i Blogg//n kommentar
My friend Juli always knows whats hot and poppin' in LA. Last night she invited me out to a party at the Beverly Hiltons 210 bar. It was free dinner and drinks, so of course I had to say yes! In LA they want girls to come to the clubs, so if you are a group of gals, you usually don't have to wait in line, and they treat you really good. Its so different from back home. I remember going to a bar in Oslo this winter with a bunch of girlfriends. First we were in line for 20 minutes in -10 degrees celcius (14 farenheit) then they charge you 150kroner ($25) to get in. But when we got to the bouncer and he checked our IDs, he told us we were too young to get in!! You have to be 20 to drink hard liquor in Norway, and we were all 24, but he told us you had to be 28 to get in! We were so cold after standing in line out in the cold, and we would pay to get in, but he still wouldn't let us in! That would never happen here. The whole thing with girls getting in for free and in front of the line is of course just to get more guys to come and spend money in the bar, very shallow, but why not take advantage of it. I like that better than freezing and getting rejected at the door...
Me and Juli with her friend Ben who is a promoter

They called this a salad! A veeeery trendy salad that is...

MMMmm tuna on a potato chip...

Its good to be a girl in lala-land!

Glow in the dark ice...
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Look'in good!

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