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Vintage shopping!!

19.apr.2010 kl.07:33 i Blogg// 3 kommentarer
Went to Sheareen Vintage downtown today! Its an AMAZING vintage store! Shareen is the sweetest girl, and has so many great pieces. She had so much good stuff there and I totally lost track of time, and ended up being super late for my studio session. Shareen came up to me when I was picking out stuff I liked and told me she liked my collection, said it was very "rockstar". I was like "of course, I am a rockstar!" ;)
Ended up getting 10 incredible pieces and only paid $400 (about 2400NOK) Its insane!
Girs- go get your vintage on! Its affordable and unique!! LOVES IT!

No boys allowed in the store!

Ended up with tons of cool shit! Lots of glitter and glam!

After tracking som vocals with Travis "Tronik", I went to M cafe to get some fuel in my body! mmmmMMMMMMmmmm Healthy and sooooo good!!!

Cafe M has a macrobiotic kichen, it has no meat, poultry, proccessed or reffined foods.

Met up with Marius, my old roommate

19.apr.2010 kl.07:33 i Blogg// 3 kommentarer//Tips en venn//Permalenke

3 kommentarer


19.apr.2010 kl.12:03

Utrolig fine klær! Et bra kjøp :D


20.apr.2010 kl.15:49

Digger "Trying you on", Anine! Knallbra sang :) Gleder meg til å høre flere sanger av deg. Lykke til videre :)


23.apr.2010 kl.10:06


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