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Studio with Richard Fortus

25.apr.2010 kl.02:21 i Blogg// 3 kommentarer
It was perfect timing that I got stranded in LA for another week due to the volcano on Iceland. Richard just got home from tour with Guns n Roses, so it was perfect timing, beacuse I stayed longer we got some time to write! :)

Richard plays guitar in Guns&Roses, and he also played with Rihanna on her last tour.

25.apr.2010 kl.02:21 i Blogg// 3 kommentarer//Tips en venn//Permalenke

3 kommentarer


26.apr.2010 kl.22:49

Kult at du fikk jobbe litt ekstra. Gleder meg stort til hre mer fra deg :)


29.apr.2010 kl.21:51

Ur so lucky that u get to work with Richard 4tus!

He is so amazing with the guitar its crazy :P

Saw the show in Rio de Janeiro he rocked the stage XD

I luv Trying you on btw!


29.apr.2010 kl.22:20

Kristine: I know! He is a total rockstar! :) So happy you like Trying you on. Richard is playing on it! ;)

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