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29.apr.2010 kl.02:48 i Blogg// 3 kommentarer
Went out with my friends Chau and Matt from the you know who know who... One of my favorite bands these days, and our swedish songwriter buddy Alexander Kronlund (he wrote "If you seek amy", and "lucky" for Britney Spears plus tons of other hits) Good times!!

Me, Chau, Matt and Alex

Chau is one of my best friends! Amazing girl!!

See the you know who's video Hot Tube Time Machine here:


Get their song Putting on the Ritz (It was in a Lindex commercial in Sweden and Norway this fall) here http://itunes.apple.com/no/album/puttin-on-the-ritz/id331667967?i=331668278
29.apr.2010 kl.02:48 i Blogg// 3 kommentarer//Tips en venn//Permalenke

3 kommentarer


29.apr.2010 kl.11:38

Cool! :D


29.apr.2010 kl.14:32

S hyggelig :) Jeg elsket de ltene av Britney fr. Han m vre en dyktig ltskriver!


29.apr.2010 kl.22:19

Joakim: Ja, han er super dyktig!

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