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Emil&Samuel show

10.mai.2010 kl.02:27 i Blogg// 13 kommentarer
Did my first gig with the new songs at Emil&Samuel on Friday! The last week I've been preparing so much, thats why I haven't been blogging that much lately.. I've had less than a week to find dancers, choreograph with them and rehearse the show. But we made it in time, and what an AMAZING feeling it was to show people what I've been working on for so long.
It was such a great crowd!!! A lot of people! I cant express with words the feeling of being up there on stage, performing again! Its been too long. I even had pyro and confetti! Loved it! <3 Here are some pics..

10.mai.2010 kl.02:27 i Blogg// 13 kommentarer//Tips en venn//Permalenke

13 kommentarer


10.mai.2010 kl.11:44

Emil & Samuel elsker Anine....


10.mai.2010 kl.12:15

Så utrolig gøy det så ut :D


10.mai.2010 kl.20:07

Morten: Anine elsker Emil & Samuel...


10.mai.2010 kl.20:08

Jeanet: Det var sinnsykt gøy!! :D

Johnny H. Fresh

11.mai.2010 kl.00:24

likte designet på bloggen din :)


11.mai.2010 kl.10:32

Johnny H. Fresh: takk!


11.mai.2010 kl.20:31

yey babe! just wanted to identify myself (the crazy fan in picture nr. 4)

the show was amazing! i love u


11.mai.2010 kl.21:01

wow baby girl, looks hot and amazing an like you are having fun! miss you..


11.mai.2010 kl.23:10

Loppan: LOL! Such a beautiful crazy fan! hahaha... I love u too!!!!


11.mai.2010 kl.23:10

jennifer: THANKS! You should have been there!! Was sooo much fun!!! Miss u tons!


12.mai.2010 kl.00:45

Håper jeg får se deg på scenen engang! Kjempe fine bilder!


16.mai.2010 kl.02:00

Sigrid: Det håper jeg og! ;) TAKK!!
Det første bilde var skikkelig kult ! :D

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