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27.jun.2011 kl.06:07 i Blogg//Ingen kommentarer

My voice is gone! Disappeared! ent to the doctor today, and she gave me some medicine, and commanded me to absolute vocal rest. So I've been mute all day! Have you ever gone through a day without saying a single word? Feels so weird not to talk to anybody! Im gonna rest as much as I can tomorrow too, cause I need my voice back till tuesday, cause then Im gonna perform at Splash in NYC. So please send me good energy so I can get my voice back before the show, and for the rest of the tour!

Here are some videos from my performance at Splash in May when I was here last time.

Look at my hot dancers!! What do you think?

27.jun.2011 kl.06:07 i Blogg//Ingen kommentarer//Tips en venn//Permalenke

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