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03.jul.2011 kl.20:09 i Blogg// 2 kommentarer

I drove this bad ass bike to Santa Barbara yesterday...

Well, I wasnt riding it myself, my old manager/ mentor/ American dad, Bill Siddons was, and I was a biker babe. It was so much fun! Got to see the landscape in a whole different way then by riding a car. We drove up along the coast to Santa Barbara, where we had lunch with the others and I jumped in the car from there. My ass couldn˙t take the bike anymore. I felt more sore than after 1000 squats (well I don˙t think I˙ve ever done 1000 squats, but I can imagine)! Drove up to San Francisco and played a show at the Lookout. Met some awesome fans! :)

This is what happenes when you are on tour with Mr. Gay World USA:

Jarl- founder of Mister Gay World USA likes the bike...

03.jul.2011 kl.20:09 i Blogg// 2 kommentarer//Tips en venn//Permalenke

2 kommentarer

Vero - tinysuperstar!

03.jul.2011 kl.20:15

ser ut som du har hatt det gy! og du er s utrolig pen! skulle gjerne prvd leve livet ditt i en uke :D


03.jul.2011 kl.23:23

Vero: S st du er! Har det gy, men det er hardt arbeid! <3 :)

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