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07.sep.2011 kl.00:46 i Blogg//Ingen kommentarer

I fall more and more in love with Stockholm for every minute i spend here! One funny and different thing here is the restaurants.. Well at least some of them.. There are tons of small restaurants and cafes in tiny little "boxes" around town. Right by where we live theres a place I would like to call "thai in a box".

Last night we had very tasty take out from here, and watched Swedish Idol on TV. Idol here is so much ful. Its so much heat and so many talents on there. I know 2 of the judges from before, and its a steamy jury for sure. Very entertaining!!

Check out clips at www.tv4.se


One of my faves in swedish idol so far!!

this one is priceless as well!


What do you think?

E de dacks at kra electropop?!

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