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Backstage WAD galan

04.des.2011 kl.19:50 i Blogg// 2 kommentarer

Played my first gig here in Stockholm on Thursday at The World Aids Day galan at Koningsborg.

Here are some backstage pics... ;)

Playing with my new iphone 4S

Me and Divo( my friend and hairstylist who did my hair for the show and the Dominoes video) diving into the candy bag...

Stuff it!!

Daniel and I can't take our eyes of the candy..

So this is what we do backstage... eat candy... :S

On a sugar high

uh oh... posing time...

Waiting to go on stage...

Toghether with some of the other performers of the night.. The pop group Straight up and the police choir... :)

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2 kommentarer

Christoph G

04.des.2011 kl.20:12

Daniel looked kinda hot ;)


04.des.2011 kl.21:57

Christoph G: He is! ;) Lnte han fra Alexx Alexxander ;)

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