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september 2011

Hallgrim i IDOL!

30.sep.2011 kl.19:08 i Blogg//Ingen kommentarer
Kjre ste Hallgrim som var med i Team Anine konkurerer i Idol ikveld! Hallgrim er et fantastisk talent, og jeg er kjempestolt over at han har kommet s langt i idol! Han har desverre ftt lite TV...


27.sep.2011 kl.23:34 i Blogg//n kommentar
I august utfordret magasinet "Det Nye-SHAPE UP" meg til prve Sirkustrening. Ja, trening p vre sirkusartist! Jeg har jo drevet mye med bde dans og yoga oppigjennom livet, s jeg tenkte a...

Shopping heaven!

21.sep.2011 kl.19:34 i Blogg// 3 kommentarer
Har blakka meg p shopping idag. Holzweiler agenturer har vareprvesalg, s jeg shoppet to breposer fulle av klr til sterkt redusert pris! De har MASSE kule merker- f.eks Gestuz, Muubaa, The Loc...

Photo shoot

21.sep.2011 kl.11:44 i Blogg//n kommentar
Had a wonderful photo shoot last night! Was working with Anne Elisabeth Larsen (photo), Stephan Ulvund ien(make up) and Cecilie Eide (hair) We had so much fun! Great team! Here's a little behind...

Tears in the morning

13.sep.2011 kl.10:02 i Blogg//n kommentar
This is the first thing I watched this morning. It made me cry so much! Its such a touching and beautiful story! Enjoy it!

So sweet

13.sep.2011 kl.01:10 i Blogg// 3 kommentarer
Just discovered this cute swede with an amazing voice and sweet song! What do you think?

Marlies Dekkers ad

12.sep.2011 kl.17:10 i Blogg// 3 kommentarer
Somebody told me Im in the new ad for Marlies Dekkers in Belgium and Netherlands... Im in pretty good company, don't you think?


11.sep.2011 kl.11:07 i Blogg//Ingen kommentarer
Its 10 years since terror hit us hard. Today my thoughts go out to all the innocent people that lost their lives. To all the people who lost a loved one. All the families who lost their mother o...


10.sep.2011 kl.19:37 i Blogg//n kommentar
I <3 Stockholm because its sooooo much good food here, and its so cheap (compared to Norway)! This amazing toast (one with warm chrevre and one with spicy thai tuna mix) and salad cost 75 swedi...


07.sep.2011 kl.13:41 i Blogg//Ingen kommentarer
I know a hit when I hear one! Did you watch the video I posted from Idol yesterday? Guess what song is number one on Swedish itunes now? ELEKTROPOP! Check it out on spotify here: http://open....

In a box

07.sep.2011 kl.00:46 i Blogg//Ingen kommentarer
I fall more and more in love with Stockholm for every minute i spend here! One funny and different thing here is the restaurants.. Well at least some of them.. There are tons of small restaurants a...

Magic Tricks

05.sep.2011 kl.14:15 i Blogg//n kommentar
I knew that magicians could pull rabbits out of hats, but this was new to me... http://www.vgtv.no/#!id=43442

Stockholm, Baby

04.sep.2011 kl.10:36 i Blogg//n kommentar
New adventures! I know its been quiet from me lately, I've been busy packing things, selling things and moving things. Its amazing how many THINGS we have. And how good it feels to get rid of them...